Game Player to Game Creator​

How to make your child's current screen time (playing games) into learn time (building games), Even if they are totally new to coding
While ensuring they score good marks in exams and being updated with the future technology trends
(without getting bored and feeling pressure)

Is your child glued to screens? Let us help! We turn your child’s screen-time into game-building time in just 1 month

🚀Unlock Creativity & Problem-solving: Beyond fun, coding fosters critical thinking and logic skills. Your child will learn to solve problems creatively while building their games.
💡 Boost Future Skills: Coding is the language of tomorrow! This book equips your child with in-demand skills for exciting careers in technology and beyond.
📱 Quality Screen Time:Transform passive screen time into active learning. “Gamer to Coder” encourages focused engagement and productive use of technology.
🌟 Confidence & Independence: Watch your child’s confidence soar as they master new skills and bring their game ideas to life.
👩‍👦 Bonding Through Learning: Enjoy a shared journey with your child as you explore the world of coding together. “Gamer to Coder” makes learning fun for both parents and kids. with a unique coding program for beginners

Learning Revolution: Seize the “Gamer to Coder” Ebook, Step into a Future of Endless Possibilities.

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