Abut the Event

This workshop revolves around building a complete Autonomous Maze Solving Robot. It is a 1 day fully practical workshop where you will get hands-on experience in building this Robot. It takes place on 

November 27th @ IIT Madras Research Park Taramani.

What will I learn?

In this workshop, you will develop a robot that can find its way out of a maze of puzzling lines. The robot moves through the maze arena using infrared optical sensors. When it detects a junction, the Robot intelligently decides the path using a special algorithm. The programming logic is fed into our robot’s brain (Microcontroller) so that it can traverse through to the endpoint.

By making your own maze solver robot, you’ll practically learn how to program a robot to logically solve problems.

Workshop Outcomes:

✓Build a robot from scratch that can solve mazes

✓Understand the maze-solving theory and Arduino programming logic

✓Test and work with infrared sensors and learn how they sense light

✓Understand the structure and working of Microcontroller- Arduino Uno

✓Learn how sensors, motors, and microcontrollers work for maze-solving function


6th std/grade onwards

Not satisfied with our workshop???

Get a 100% refund + 3 sensors used to build the Robot!!