Scratch Program

Ashtrix is happy to Introduce Scratch Program. Scratch is a visual programming language that allows students to create their own interactive stories, games, and animations. As students design Scratch projects, they learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.
Here is your chance to introduce your kid to Scratch Program through our exclusive module. Here the kids will be trained from the foundation level to understand the principles of Scratch right from the basics.

Course Structure

Greeting card

Understand how you can draw your own sprite. Understand how to write in your sprite. Understand how to upload your sprite.

Banana Catching game

Learn how to move the sprites. Learn how to create a variable and the purpose of using it. Learn how to play a sound.

Character Jumping Without touching obstacles

Learn how to make a character to jump. Learn how to play sound. Learn how to code multiple characters. Learn how to move multiple character.

Shark Attack

Learn Dynamic Mouse Interaction. Learn how to act on Receiving Messages, Learn how to use the Conditional IF THEN ELSE Statement.

Creating a Calculator

Boost Analytical Thinking. Learns how to use the operators for calculation.

Drawing Different Shapes

Learn how to use an Extension blocks . Learn how to draw different shapes.
Learn how to change the colors and thickness of the pen. Concepts of Angles and Direction

Creating a Story

Learn How to create an interaction between two sprites. Learn how to broadcast the message. Learn how to switch the backdrops.

Pong Game

Learn how to use Conditional OR Operator. Learn how to broadcast the message.

Video sensing balloon game

Learn how to use video sensing blocks. Learn how to pop the characters by your hand.

Flappy Bird game

Learn how to draw the sprites and move them. Learn how to use IF-ELSE conditions. Learn how to create blocks

Paint with Gobo

Learn how to interact with sprite using Keyboard. Learn how to program Multiple Sprites. Understand the concept of Sprite Layers

The PicoShow

Learn how to Animate a Sprite
Concepts of Time and Motion.


Learn how to Make Costumes , Learn how to Switch between Costumes , Make 21 Instruments in 1 Piano

Certificate Awarding

After successful completion of the modules, students will be awarded with an International certificate(STEM Accredited) which would be adding more value to their profile.

How Robotics and AI will benefit your child

  • Develops creativity by encouraging imagination and innovative thinking
  • Improves concentration by teaching children to focus on designing AI bots to achieve specific results
  • Enhances logical reasoning ability by giving them opportunities to come up with alternate solutions that deliver results
  • Strengthens problem-solving ability as students debug problems and do real-time troubleshooting to find working solutions
  • Improves coding knowledge, logical thinking, and programming skills. Also boosts their self-confidence as they successfully produce working bots

Robotics and AI courses at Ashtrix focus on developing practical knowledge and skills. Our hands-on approach is guaranteed to improve your child’s interest in coding and STEM Subjects.

Direct Live assistance throughout the modules will ensure that your child learns core Robotics and AI concepts thoroughly in a well-supported, scientific environment.

Student Projects