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Robotics and Artificial intelligence will create nearly 60 million new jobs by 2022?

Demand for Robotics and AI

With the demand for robotics and AI skills guaranteed to grow in the foreseeable future, there will be tremendous career scope in the automation industry segment.Grab this opportunity and give your child the competitive advantage with Robotics and AI coaching from Ashtrix!

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About Ashtrix

Ashtrix is an emerging venture that concentrates on Robotics courses for kids, school & college students. We provide excellent practical training by providing Robotics kit for students to learn, experiment and learn better. Students understand the basics of Robotics Engineering, Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Ashtrix empowers students with cutting-edge skills in robotics and Artificial intelligence and prepares them for lucrative careers in the automation industry. Our scientifically developed, result-oriented, high-quality training programs equip students with meaningful knowledge and practical experience in robotics and AI.

Enroll your child at Ashtrix to kickstart a lifelong interest in robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Our certified staff will expertly guide your child and help them effortlessly develop core robotic skills.

We will sharpen their technical strengths, promote logical and reasoning abilities, and shape critical thinking qualities. By channeling your child’s energy into creatively exploring science and technology, we will prepare them for a successful future as a creator of technology.