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Discover the excitement of upcoming and recent events that fuel the spirit of innovation and ignite your passion for technology. Join us as we push the boundaries of possibilities and celebrate the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Don’t miss out on these transformative experiences that shape the future of technology.

Drone Technology

We conducted an engaging session on Drone Technologies at IISC, Bangalore, on August 26th and 27th, 2023. Participants from schools, colleges, and the workforce explored topics like drone applications, building principles, and hands-on flying experience. It was a successful event! 

πŸ“… 26 Aug 2023


Workshop on DPDT Rover

Experience the enriching one-day workshop that took place at IIT Madras Research Park, where school students actively participated in a fully practical session, building a DPDT rover. Participants gained invaluable hands-on experience, delved into the fascinating world of robotics, and enhanced their skills in a dynamic and engaging environment.

πŸ“… 24 Dec, 2022

Global Robotics Workshop

Explore the dynamic world of robotics and its vast opportunities at the Global Robotics Workshop. Join us online to delve into this captivating field and discover its potential for students worldwide. Don’t miss out on this exciting platform to unlock your tech skills and shape the future of technology!

πŸ“… 23 July 2023



Experience the resounding success of STEMposium360, our prestigious coding competition for school kids, which concluded with remarkable achievements. Participants from around the world showcased incredible talent, highlighting the extraordinary potential of the next generation of coders. Join us next time to witness the future of coding excellence!

πŸ“… 29 April 2023

eBot: IoT-Controlled Robot

Experience the immersive one-day workshop on IoT-Controlled Robotics, which took place at Geethanjali & Sidhura ITI campus, Peddapalli. Students of different age groups actively participated and gained valuable insights into this emerging technology. The event provided an opportunity to ignite their passion for innovation.

πŸ“… 4 April 2023

SmartBot: IoT Robot

Experience the transformative International Workshop on IoT-Controlled Robotics, which took place at VIT, Vellore. Students from different colleges immersed themselves in this cutting-edge technology, gaining valuable insights and skills. The event provided a unique opportunity to explore the exciting world of IoT-controlled robots and unlock their potential for innovation.

πŸ“…29 March, 2023

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