About us

Ashtrix aims to equip the modern generation with futuristic skills that will establish them as experts in the new world of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence!

Since its inception, Ashtrix has been actively imparting training in robotics and AI to students of all ages. Our team of qualified engineers and curriculum creators develop and deliver engaging and advanced curriculum for students of different ages.

Over the years, Ashtrix has trained more than 14k students at various schools and colleges, including IIT Madras research park. We have centers in Chennai and Bangalore. Additionally, we also conduct online instructor-led, training programs for students in India as well as 15 countries across the globe.

Ashtrix offers both standardized and bespoke robotics and AI training programs for different levels. We also set up state-of-the-art robotics training laboratories for schools and deliver specialized age-appropriate training programs for school students.

The content-rich curriculum of Ashtrix, delivered in addition to the regular school curriculum, enables students to become future-ready and ace the competition.  

Give your child the unparalleled advantage of mastering robotics, AI, and other technical advancement skills with Ashtrix!

Contact us to discover our extensive range of specially formulated training programs and choose the best one for your needs.

Our Story

Founder-directors of Ashtrix, Rohit and Mukesh, were passionate about robotics from a very young age. With the sole aim of pursuing their interest and making an exciting career in this field, they enrolled for a robotics course. However, they soon discovered that the traditional education system lacked in several aspects and failed to address their expectations.

Once they realized that their course wasn’t helping them develop the skillset to advance in this competitive field, Rohit and Mukesh decided to take things into their own hands. Through relentless research and hands-on practice, they mastered the most modern and updated technologies and became experts in robotics and AI.

By actively participating in various national fests all over the country and winning countless laurels, they established their expertise in this field. Meanwhile, they also decided to share their knowledge with deserving candidates who wish to break into this industry. After being involved in various robotics and AI projects since 2012, Rohit and Mukesh switched focus to training programs in 2016.

We serve across the globe

Student from any country or from any region can join our online programs in which we teach them various aspects of robotics and technology.