App Development Program

Ashtrix is happy to bring in the Young App Development program for your Young Champions. Here is your chance to introduce your kid to a whole new world of Android App Development through our exclusive module. Here the kids will be trained from the foundation level to understand the principles of app development right from the basics. Your kid will also create a different Android Application right from basic apps to Games, Apps using Sensors, and lot more.

Course Structure

Foundation Of Android Apps

The cool features that come along with apps are what draw the interests of users. Apps make phones “smart” and through their benefits, apps have drastically transformed how we function today.

Android Apps And It's Applications

Android App is software designed to run on an Android device or emulator. Android apps can be written in Kotlin, Java, and C++ and are run inside Virtual Machine. The official development environment is Android Studio.

Musical Instrument App

Enjoy our cool mini games and start playing the piano without any lessons. Perform famous songs by tapping keys under falling tiles in the Magic Tiles game. Improve your sense of timing and tempo by tapping random white and black keys in the Magic Keys.

Calculator App

I love saving you time and effort. I remember everything you calculate and let you review it anytime, making me perfect for shopping, doing homework, balancing checkbooks, or even calculating taxes. You'll never need to type the same calculation twice again.

Game Based App

The mobile platform is simply the software platform on top of the programs which can run an application or a game on a mobile device such as a phone, PDs, and handheld computers.

Camera Based App

Camera-Based are the apps that are made to have a highly interactive application to be able to experiment and learn and to be able to expertise in the usage of Camera techniques.

GPS And Senors Based App And Much More Activities

GPS and Sensors based apps can be embedded with integration with IoT to be able to control and use them from the tap of the phone and fingertip away to stop from anywhere. You could be able to experiment with them and try them out in your own space.

Certificate Awarding

After successful completion of the modules, students will be awarded with International certificate(STEM Accredited) which would be adding more value to their profile

Now is better than Never!!!

Introduce your kid to the world of Android App Development without an exclusive module where your kid will be trained from the foundation level to understanding different concepts and principles of App Development.