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Embark on a thrilling educational journey with Ashtrix Robotics through our engaging Edu Blocks course. Uncover fundamental concepts through programs such as Portfolio Creation, Multiplo Master, Dice Roll, Cricket League, and Geometry Genie. Dive deeper into your learning experience with additional programs like Analysis of Ecobin, Rangoli Creation, Billify, and What’s My Grade.

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a well-deserved certificate. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge in the Edu Blocks course. Join us now and unlock a world of educational possibilities!

Introduction To The Platform

  1. Students will acquire the skills to utilize the
    features provided within the platform
  2. They will additionally develop a code designed
    to inquire about their personal information and
    generate a portfolio


  1. Students will be instructed on utilizing operators to calculate average marks and determine their corresponding grades.
  2. Students will learn about the conditional statements .



  1. Students will learn about multiply operators.
  2. They will be taught how to compute the    Times Table.
  3. Also, they will gain knowledge about For   Loop.

Dice Roll

  1. The students will learn about the concept of a list, and how to add and remove items from list.
  2. Introduction to Random Module.
  3. Implementing while loop to create a dice roll game.


Cricket League

  1. Students will grasp the concept of using lists to form their own cricket team for participation in the cricket league.
  2. Utilizing list methods such as adding
    and removing items.


  1. Students will be introduced to the Turtle.
  2. They will also gain proficiency in utilizing a For Loop with the range function to create an aesthetically pleasing design for rangoli.


Geometry Genie

  1. Students will delve into the Turtle
    graphics library and will have the
    capability to craft various shapes.
  2. They will be empowered to craft any
    shape of their choice using a For loop
    within a function.

Analysis of EcoBin

  1. Students will grasp the concept of the PyPlot function.
  2. They will create a bar graph depicting
    the results of a survey on cleanliness in
  3. ) Capable of analyzing data.


  1. Students will delve into the concepts of For loops and conditional statements.
  2. Students will have the capability to develop an application for generating bills, incorporating various concepts.

Certificate Awarding

After successful completion of the modules, students will be awarded with an International certificate(STEM Accredited) which would be adding more value to their profile


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