Python Fundamentals

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Course Structure

Variables/ Data types

Relating the Concept of variable to the real world object and things for engaging and clear understanding, Understand what is constants, Understand different types of data types, Know where and how the data types are used.


Understand the various types python operators like ‘+’, ‘-’, ‘*’, ‘/’, Ability to perform any kind basic Numerical manipulation, ability to perform basic math in python.

Conditional Statements

Understand the concept of conditional statements with the help of few applications like calculator, Interactive means of understanding widely used IF, Else, ELIF statements, Understanding of the nesting of conditionals.


Better understanding of what is String with the Email slicer and Story creation and many more, Deep understanding of the various string methods associated with the practical learning, Basic String Operations, Scope for advanced Development of the Learnt stuff.


Types of Data Structures in Python, Understanding of what is Data Structure, Understanding of what is a List, They will build simple Country capitals game along with many other manipulation, List manipulation, Various List methods, Data Storage and manipulation


Ability to understand one type of Data Structures, Understanding what is Set and where it is used, Understanding the Different Methods involved with Set, Understanding the different operations performed with sets.


Understanding of what is Dictionary in python, How and when dictionaries should be used, Various methods in dictionaries, Various operations performed in dictionaries.

Looping Statements

Get's to learn Loops and while loops, Ability to differentiate “for” and “while” loops, Ability to make small games using loops in python, Different ways of using “looping” statements in python.


Learn the concept of code reusability, Learn the basic syntax of function, Ability to perform functional programming, Creating reusable codes

Modules/API in Python

Understand what are modules, Understanding of how to use modules in python, Ability to perform basic operations with respect to modules, Knowledge on few modules like String, date time, Ability to build small applications with modules.

Certificate Awarding

After successful completion of the modules, students will be awarded with International certificate(STEM Accredited) which would be adding more value to their profile

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